WHO ‘s Soap Talk ?

Soap Talk is a passionate soap lover that explores each and every natural handmade cleansing bars around the world from Thailand to Taiwan, to Korea, Australia and also United States of America. After testing and confirming the effectiveness of the cleansing bar, only then Soap Talk will share the guarantee effective cleansing bars to the world. Each and every cleansing bars and scrubs in Soap Talk’s hand are all guaranteed safe from chemicals, effective in providing smoother skins and able to solve skin problems like acne, itchiness and dryness. Soap Talk encourages handmade natural soap makers to produce more healthy skin bar to help out those who suffered from skin diseases. By doing this, not only more people would have the chances to achieve their dreams for smooth, healthy skin, but as a step taken to support housewives or soap maker as their financial income. So, start your healthy skin with Soap Talk before it’s too late.

 WHY use Natural Handmade Soap ?

  •  Simpler Ingredient 
  • natural vegetable Oils
  • Better for your skin,Even if you don’t have particularly sensitive skin, do you really want to rub things like sodium laurel sulphate and titanium dioxide all over your body? You may not even realize how much healthier your skin can look and feel until you clean it with handmade all-natural soap
  • It can nourish your skin, instead of dry it out, All of the harsh chemicals you find in traditional soaps can suck the moisture right out of your skin. By using soap with all-natural ingredients, your skin can look more radiant.

or More information Please drop us an email at : info@soaptalk.com.my